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    Requests before booking

    1. How to make a reservation with Barcelonaroom?
    2. How do I cancel a reservation?
    3. What happens if I cancel a reservation?
    4. How do I know the minimum nights of the accommodation?
    5. How do I know if my reservation is confirmed?
    6. Do I have a withdrawal period?
    7. How to use filters?
    8. How to book an accommodation?
    9. How to look for accommodations on Barcelonaroom?

    Specific Requests

    1. How do I know if smokers are accepted? How do I know if pets are allowed?
    2. Are the indicated rates for each persons or for the whole housing?
    3. How to specify a particular request: a sea view, twin beds, a specific floor etc.?
    4. How can I see the maximum capacity of a housing?
    5. Why is my reservation denied?
    6. What will happen if I want to make a complain about a housing?
    7. How to write a review about a housing?
    8. How do I know which equipment is available in the apartment?
    9. What kind of information do I need to make a reservation enquiry?
    10. Is my reservation valid / accepted just after sending the request?
    11. How to book non-consecutive days?
    12. How can I contact Barcelonaroom?
    13. When will I get the contact of the host and the exact address of the apartment/room?
    14. Why is the exact address of the accommodation not visible on the web?
    15. How are the check-in and the keys exchanged organized by arrival?
    16. How do I get the indications to go to the property?
    17. What is my time to check-in and how?
    18. How is the check-out organized?
    19. Do I have to pay the cleaning fee?

    29.What kind of housing is it possible to book?

    Requests Information: payment

    1. Which payments methods are accepted by Barcelonaroom?
    2. When will I be charged?
    3. What are the service fees / commissions?
    4. How manages the deposit?
    5. How do I get an invoice?
    6. How is the price of my booking calculated?
    7. Is it possible to pay on arrival?
    8. Is my payment treated securely?
    9. Do I pay a security deposit, and if so, how much?
    10. Is an advance payment required?
    11. My credit card was not accepted. What can I do?


    1.It is easy, please go to the main page and choose: BOOKING REQUEST. Then enter your name, and your dates of arrival and departure flight time.

    1. By contacting us by telephone: + 34 93 410 00 37
      or + 34 606 96 91 97 or by
    2. You will lose the amount of the agency fee and that’s it.

    4.It is indicated in the characteristics of the housing. References that begin by HT or PT are minimum 3 nights in general. The references that begin with P or H have to be rent for a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 11 months or more.

    1. You will receive a confirmation either immediately or within a period of 24 hours after receiving the confirmation of the owner.

    6.Yes. As long as we have not received your proof of the transfer in progress, reservations remain open for other clients.

    1. You will be able to see it at the top of our webpage. Type in it the key words that pass you through the head to refine the search.

    8.If you want to proceed with the booking. Then you just have to validate your enquiry and we will take care of the rest.

    9.In the main page you can see all offers. You can also do a detailed search by selecting key words.

    10.It is indicated in the description of the accommodations whether it is fit for smokers, pets or people with disabilities.

    11.Sometimes the price is for the entire space, and in general, it is the rate per person that appears. It will be also specified on you’re the general description of the housing.

    1. You just have to select the different options you prefer and the offers will appear. If there is no availability you will have the choice between other similar goods.

    13.It is indicated in the description. While you make a request just indicate the number of adults over the age of 3. Also babies have to be indicated. You will see at this time if the request is accepted.

    14.It is possible that a booking request is rejected because you do not have the profile for this offer or the housing is awaiting confirmation of payment from a current customer.

    15.If by arrival the housing does not fit you, you must call us immediately at + 34 606 96 91 97 or tell the person who welcomes you. Depending on availability we will offer you an alternative accommodation as soon as possible.

    1. You have a form on our page, you can fill up, or we can also send it by mail.
    2. Equipment and location details are indicated in the description.

    18.We need the names of all tenants and their ages including children or babies. Your dates and times of arrival/departure flight and which airport you will land, in order to organize your stay.

    19.No it isn´t. The reservation is only confirmed after getting the proof of your payment from your bank, PayPal, visa, or western union.

    20.If you don’t want to book consecutive days, it is possible making a new enquiry reservation.

    21.By phone + 34 606 96 91 97( WhatsApp, Viber) or by mail.

    22.You will receive the exact address of the housing and the person who will receive you in the apartment once we get the payment or the proof of the payment.

    23.For security reason we cannot specify the exact number of the building on our site.

    24.It is an agent or the owner that will receive you directly in the apartment. Please let you explain everything about the apartment. The keys as the internet code will be given once you present your contract printed with the proof of payment.

    25.You will find the information on the site (map). You only need to add the number of the house on Google map. Also you can ask us by mail.

    1. You can arrive when you want and leave when you want to, if we don’t have any other reservation for the same day.

    If you have not paid the entire invoice you just have to pay the rent, cleaning, security and the tourism fee (if required) in cash on arrival in the apartment. Ask for a receipt please upon arrival. The deposit will be refunded in cash the day of your departure. Some housing accepts the credit card also and it is indicated in the description.

    27.L’ (exit) time check-out will be reconfirmed to the person who gets you the day of check-in. In principle, you can leave whenever you want if there is no reservation for the same day. It is also during check out we will refund the deposit

    1. Most of the accommodation have included cleaning fees. If this is not the case, the price of it will be specified in the description of the property.

    29.We have different types of housing. HT + H + B & B + P + PT + hotel (Apartment/Private bedrooms short or long stay)

    Application information: payment

    30.You can pay into our Spanish bank account, either by PayPal or check (western union or RIA).

    31.You are charged immediately, depending on the agreements between our and your bank.

    32.The intermediary (commission) are calculated for monthly stay on a scale indicated on our website. The commission for the tenants that stay less than a month are included in the rental price, about 25% of the total rent including VAT.

    33.The deposit will be refund the day of your departure in cash or on your account as soon as possible in the next couple of days.

    1. You will automatically receive your invoice by email before booking
    2. The rental price is calculated based on the rent fixed by the owner.
    3. Yes it is possible to pay in cash upon arrival except the agency fees that have to be paid before your arrival.

    37.All our payments are secured. Also the bank transfer of the rent you can directly pay into the bank account of the owner.

    1. The deposit represents the agency fees. This ensures that the reservation is confirmed.
    2. Yes you pay agency fees always in advance.

    40.If you have any problems with your credit card, please call or contact us by email.

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