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    “Les gens que j’aime” Pub Barcelona

    “Les Gens que J’aime Pub” is without any doubt one of the most emblematic bars of Barcelona.

    This pub opened beyond the sixties. Good times and bohemian nights of Barcelona marked this ver special place.
    The decor was made by Joaquin Gallardo, decorator who also made the Cova del Drac, a very symbolic place where regularly jazz performances took place.
    Throughout these more than forty years it has been visited by thousands of people from different generations, and always continues to charm and amaze all who visit it.

    The originality of this place is also made by the fact that every night of the week, a fortune teller is there for you. Indeed, Monday to Thursday from 20:30 to 1am, for thirty euros and if you understand Catalan or Spanish, Montse will make you enjoy its almost thirty years of experience in the same room. From Friday to Sunday, it was the turn of Georgina who also speaks English and Italian to pull you cards if you wish.

    The particularity of this place is that all cocktails are home made and prepared at the moment by expert hands behind the sleek black counter. Mojito, margarita, caipirinha, tequila sunrise, gimlet, among others … you will find what you like and more.

    For less than 10 euros, comfortably installed in the pretty velvet seats, sip your cocktail as long as you like!

    Magical, magnetic, unique, unusual, exciting, peaceful, quaint, friendly, vibrant, endearing: this is a bar that we like very much ! Everything as the atmosphere, the music, or the cocktails contribute to create a magnetism that gives off a kind of very special vibrations and not indifferent to nobody.

    It is very special and unique.


    • Les Gens que J′Aime
      Valencia 286, Bajos
      Barrio: Eixample

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