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    EL ASCENSOR: Bar Barcelona

    This place is one of the magical bars of Barcelona, l’Ascensor.

    Its history began in the year 1968, when the niece of the President of the Autonomous government of Catalonia, Josep Tarradellas, opens a Bar in the number 3 of the street Bellafila, in full Gothic neighborhood.

    Two years later, an antiquarian buys the place and reforms it, adding the element that gives name and own personality to the place, a modernist elevator, (with double sliding door), like entry and that was extracted from the delegation of estate of Route Laietana.

    When you cross L’Ascensor’s doors, you transport yourself to another time, a place in which his sober decoration breathes an old air, where it  predominates over the wood, and complements itself with ancient posters, red draperies and lamps of crystal, which together with the tenuous lighting and a music with a volume adapted to be able to have a conversation, they believe an intimate, hot and cozy atmosphere.

    A bar that though it is in full center, behind the Plaza Sant Jaume, remains secret at sight, since the alley is not a place of step. A place that detaches nostalgia for four sides, ideal to take a drink and to support a chat.

    The personnel is very nice and the cocktails that we could taste are very good.

    We would recommend it’s speciality which is the Gin Tonic, with a lot of varieties.

    Come and have a look, you won’t be disappointed !

      Bellafila, 3. Barcelona
      Telf. 93 318 53 47
      Schedule: Ab. from 18 to 3 h. Friday and on Saturday from 19 to 3.30 h

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